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Little had changed in the sectoral structure of the West African economy, despite the reforms undertaken over the past 25 years, under the seal of structural adjustment programs. It includes a primary, secondary and tertiary sector which contributes 45%, 22% and 33% respectively to the regional GDP (CACID).

Industrial production in West Africa is still relatively low, a situation which contributes to keeping the volume and value of intra-Community and international trade in the region low. The share of industrial products in total exports from West Africa is estimated at 0.1%. While the secondary sector contributes 30.3% to the GDP, manufacturing production, otherwise dominated by agro-industry contributes only 7.3% to the creation of regional wealth (PICAO, 2010).

For EQUIMED GROUP, the revitalization of the agro-industry with local processing of products is the major key to success. We therefore support players in the sector by allowing them to avoid intermediaries as much as possible. The ultimate goal is that of setting up a local transformation chains.

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