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Representation of Pharmaceuticals & Medical Information

The pharmaceutical industry is the economic sector which groups together the activities of research, manufacturing and marketing of drugs for human or veterinary medicine. It is the sixth largest economic market in the world. This activity is carried out by pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechnology companies. EQUIMED GROUP SARL is positioned as a representative of these structures in order to facilitate their penetration of local markets.

The pharmaceutical industry, like any industry, follows a marketing logic in order to present its products. In this environment, marketing takes various forms which can go from direct advertising to the consumer for non-prescription drugs to the presentation to doctors of new products requiring a prescription whose direct advertising to the consumer is prohibited in most countries. The latter is provided by medical representatives.

If the medical visitor is the centerpiece of the puzzle, he is supported by a manager, in charge of a team of medical representatives, whose objective is to develop the turnover and market share of his company. But the sales function could not be so beneficial without the input of the information department. The medical information manager ensures scientific and pharmaceutical responsibility for the production of the range for internal (training, marketing, sales) and external (doctors, pharmacists) contacts. The marketing department also has a very important role to play in the development of sales: the pharmaco-economist implements the price and reimbursement strategy for the drug in accordance with the legislation; the head of marketing studies designs and carries out studies, directs the sales strategy which is implemented by the product manager whose goal is to increase turnover and guarantee the best return on investment within a budgetary framework defined. Thus at EQUIMED GROUP we have qualified doctors and pharmacists with a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) profile who can wear all these caps.

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